À prendre ou à laisser
À prendre ou à laisser
Host 'Arthur'
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Producer Ednomol

About the showEdit

À prendre ou à laisser (English: Take it or leave it) is the French version of Deal or No Deal. It was premièred in January 2004 on TF1. It then was recommisioned in 2009 with a different board. It is hosted by "Arthur", the vice-president of Endemol-France.

The 22 boxes represent the 22 régions of France, with each contestant coming from that region. The prizes range from €0.01 to €500,000; and include (normally) three "joke" prizes (e.g. a cup or a coathanger) and a "joker", containing an amount determined by the number of contestants who answer the "selection-question" correctly. The "joker" is €10,000 multiplied by the number of correct answers.

There has been at least one winner of the €500,000 prize, by Sabrina on November 29, 2005. However, a contestant won €635,000: a contestant eliminated all the boxes without the €1,000,000 box and a box which contains the single of the generic of the show. The contestant sold his box €635,000, and he had the single in his box. It is always considered by "l'affaire du siècle" (deal of the century).

Other factors particular to the French version is that the prize is shared with a viewer who has phoned in to enter the competition; and offers of an "échange" (change of box) are fairly frequent.

In 2006, the graphics were changed to be more similar to the American version . The top prize was raised to €1,000,000, and the number of boxes was raised to 24. The number of French régions stated on the opening titles was also 24, two more people representing an overseas department (départements d'outre-mer) and an ex-pat. Alongside revised graphics, the set was also heavily revamped.


€0.01 €15,000
€1 €20,000
€5 €25,000
€10 €30,000
€15 €50,000
€20 €75,000
€50 €100,000
€100 €150,000
€250 €200,000
€500 €300,000
€5,000 €500,000
€10,000 €1,000,000

After 2009Edit

€0.01 €10,000
Thing X (or €0.05) €15,000
€5 €20,000
Thing Y (or €10) €25,000
€15 €30,000
Thing Z (or €20) €35,000
€50 €75,000
€100 €100,000
€250 €150,000
€500 €200,000
€1,000 €250,000
€5,000 €500,000