500.000 TL
500 bin
Where on Board Right Hand Side, last one on the bottom.
Version Turkish (Var Mısın Yok Musun)
No. of Winners 1 - Ülkühan
Interesting Fact Despite many quantities of the 500.000TLs on the board, only 1 person has won it since the show started in 2004.
Nicknames Beş Yüz Bin, Beş Yüz
The 500.000 TL is the highest offered in both Turkish Deal or No Deal games - Var Mısın Yok Musun and Büyük Teklif. Not much isions d known about the amount in Büyük Teklif, but since starting in 2004, Var Mısın Yok Musun from Show TV gave out their first 500.000 TL on 23 October 2009 to Ülkühan, a box opener who went through serious operations due to Brain Tumor.

Despite more then 1 500.000 TL being on the board (for most of the shows,) No one has won before Ülkühan.

There have been the following amount of 500.000 TLs on the board before:

1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10.