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Affari Tuoi (English: “It’s Up to You”) is the Italian version of Deal or No Deal. Originally made a hit by effervescent TV veteran Paolo Bonolis, and since then by various presenters, the Italian version is credited with having established the box version of the format now commonly seen in Europe.

After fourteen years the show came to an end due to lower ratings, yet returned for a series of specials in 2020, which reinvigorated interest in one of Rai’s biggest hits in years.


The game is played with 20 boxes, held by a representative of one of the 20 regions of Italy. The top prize was originally €500,000; in primetime specials of the programme the prize was usually €1,000,000 but is now €300,000.

Some episodes of the program features the old Italian currency, the Lira.

The Board[]

€0.01 €15,000
€0.20 €20,000
€0.50 €25,000
€1 €30,000
€10 €50,000
€50 €75,000
€100 €100,000
€250 €250,000
Character €500,000

Some of the lowest amounts usually become gag prizes. PACCO X and PACCO Y are unknown money amounts.

The Character prize is a performance done by host Max Giusti, who imitates a VIP if the prize is won.


During the game, the contestant must take two out of twenty envelopes, which can hold anything from €0.02 to €200,000, and must stamp which amount they went to be PACCO X and which one they want to become PACCO Y. Here are the amounts in the envelopes:

  • €0.02
  • €0.10
  • €1.50
  • €2.50
  • €3
  • €15
  • €25
  • €30
  • €70
  • €150
  • €300
  • €1,000
  • €5,000
  • €8,000
  • €22,000
  • €32,000
  • €40,000
  • €60,000
  • €110,000
  • €200,000


  • On the 5th February 2007, Deal or No Deal USA contacted Affari Tuoi via satellite for contestant Giuseppe Iannello, who originally lived in Sicily, Italy and used to watch the show. Affari Tuoi's models and the then-host, Flavio Insinna, were shown and wished him good luck.