¡Allá tú!
Alla Tu
Host Jesús Vázquez
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Producer Endemol

¡Allá tú! is Spanish for 'It's your business'. It has been broadcasting since 2004 and is shown on the terrestrial channel Telecinco. It is a fairly popular show in Spain and is presented by well-known Spanish presenter, Jesús Vázquez.

The Game BoardEdit

The Game Board roughly doubles each time. This is the game board for the new series:

€0.1 €1,500
€0.5 €3,000
€1 €6,000
€5 €12,000
€10 €18,000
€30 €24,000
€50 €30,000
€100 €60,000
€300 €120,000
€600 €240,000
€900 €600,000

NB: Sometimes amounts are replaced with prizes that roughly equal the amount normally shown.

Trivia about the showEdit

The original board looked like this:

€0.1 €1,000
€0.5 €2,000
€1 €3,000
€5 €6,000
€10 €9,000
€20 €12,000
€50 €15,000
€100 €30,000
€300 €60,000
€600 €120,000
€900 €300,000

While Jesus was having a break to focus on another show, Arturo Valls took over.

The first 600.000€ winner was Gilbert de Tarragona in 2007.

The show is quite similar to Affari Tuoi, the Italian version and the British version of Deal or No Deal, where there are boxes rather than suitcases.

The reason why there was a new board is to make way for a new text game. Whatever the player won, the text winner would share the winnings with the player 50:50.

In some episodes, the smaller case values have some fake prizes covered in cases/boxes.


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