Crystal Monte is a young, vivacious California girl. She grew up in Walnut, California, with her mom, dad, and younger sister. Monte and her sister are very close, and she has always done her best to lead by example. She is naturally kind, very gentle and a lover of beauty and harmony.

Growing up, Monte was a high school achiever in school, and she enjoyed participating in extracurricular activities such as dance, choir and community service. She loves being in the spotlight, but she never imagined that her strong, outgoing personality would lead her to a career in the entertainment industry.

This Mexican-Italian-Russian beauty has always been the tallest of her peers, and because of this, everyone always said that she should become a model. However, she stayed grounded, knowing that her education was her first priority.

After finishing High School, she moved from Orange County, to the college town in Fullerton. Monte served and tended bar at a restaurant in downtown Fullerton to help pay her tuition. Monte majored in child development, worked full time, and yet still was able to volunteer for AmeriCorps' Jumpstart Program where she worked with preschool children from low-income families. Through this experience, she developed a passion for teaching ear;y childhood education. Monte hopes to achieve her dream of one day owing her own pre-school.

After receiving her bachelor's degree, Monte decided to give modeling a whirl. Monte found a agent, did a few small gigs and then landed a coveted role on DOND, all within a couple of months. In season three, she appeared on Deal or NoDeal as a substitute model holding two different briefcases before becoming a permanent model. Crystal Monte substituted at Briefcases #22 (the most before she becomes a permanent model) and #23 for Aubrie Lemon. In the middle of season three, she permanently holds briefcase #22 to replace Lianna Grethel (who returned as a substitute briefcase model) on March 20, 2008. In season five, she will be replaced by Anchal Joseph.

Monte's friends and family have been unbelievably supportive through all of her endeavors. and she holds them in her highest regard. In her spare time, she enjoys the company of her loved ones. She also enjoys curling up with a good book and her cat, Beans. Monte loves to travel, create art, go to the beach and rock out to live music.

In the future, Monte plans to return to school to work towards a master's degree. For now, she's just living her life to the fullest.