Laura 250000
Laura Pearce
DOB unknown
Place of Birth Gloucester
What show are they from? Deal or No Deal UK
Who are they? Contestant
When was their debut January 7, 2007
Interesting Fact She is a Bureau Administrator from Gloucester Constabulary
Gender Female

Laura Pearce was the first ever winner on UK's very own Deal or No Deal. She is the first ever person to win that incredible "£250,000". She had two boxes left, "£3000" and "£250,000" her offer was "£45,000" which she declined and won the "£250,000". Her box number was six, the birthday of her father, who was the most important person in her life. She was very grateful, and Noel Edmonds congratulated her with "there couldn't have been a nicer person to be the first quarter of a millionaire." Laura spent the money on travelling all over the world, and returned for the 1000th show!