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Mylinda Tov (born July 24, 1981 in Paris, France) is a French-American Model, actress, and Special Event Host. She is best known to Game Show Audiences as Briefcase Model #19 on the NBC Primetime Game Show Deal or No Deal and has also appeared as a Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right.

Mylinda was born and raised in Paris, France. Although she looks like she hails from Hawaii, she is actually of Chinese descent and she also speaks fluent Chinese. Her exceptional talents became apparent when she was still very young. At the young age of five, Tov performed in a concert with Chantal Goya, a French Musician who sings children's music.

In High School, she was a member of the Green Club and the French Club. After graduating from High School, Mylinda then pursued a career in the acting and modeling industry. She was a finalist in a YM Magazine cover contest and soon sought after other modeling gigs.

Tov's biggest accomplishment in the entertainment industry was landing a gig as a model on two of America's hottest TV Game Shows. She first appeared as a one of the 26 Briefcase Models on the newly NBC Primetime Game Show Deal or No Deal. During it's one week trial run, December 19-23, 2005, Mylinda stood beside briefcase #1 which soon became the permanent residence for Claudia Jordan, who stood beside Briefcase #9 during that week.

After the one week trial run on Deal or No Deal, less than a month later, Mylinda landed another Game Show modeling gig, this time as a Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right for a ten-episode stint in February 2006.

Shortly after her 10-episode stint on The Price is Right, Tov went back to Deal or No Deal as the show was picked up and added to NBC's primetime TV schedule lineup. For the first week in it's first season, Mylinda moved up to Briefcase #14 and the following week, she moved over to her permanent residence which was Briefcase #19 for the next two seasons. She also briefly subbed at Briefcase #9 during the first season.

In April 2006, Mylinda and her fellow Briefcase Models were named in People Magazine as a group, taking part of the popular magazine's "100 Most Beautiful People" list.

Mylinda left the program after season three as Briefcase #19 was taken over by newcomer Amanza Smith for the fourth and final season.

She spends her time between Los Angeles and Hawaii as she continues to work as a professional print and commercial model as well as a Special Event Hostess and not only that, Mylinda is also very flexible. She can put her hands in the praying position while on her back and has the ability to tie a cherry stem with her tongue.


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