Sir Deal-a-lot
DOB n/a
Place of Birth n/a
What show are they from? UK
Who are they? A knight of the banker (or the pound table) who dispatches boxes to the banker for him to have a peak inside during the Halloween versions of the show.
When was their debut Halloween
Interesting Fact His name is a play on words (see below)
Gender Male


Sir Deal-a-lot

Sir Deal-a-lot is a knight of the Pound Table. He was first seen in the 2009 Halloween Week shows in which the player had to choose one of the Bankers ancestors urns - Grandmama or Grandpapa. One contained the Trick, the other threat. Should the player choose

Sir Deal-a-lot with a box

 Trick, Sir Deal-a-lot would be despatched to give the players box to the banker, so he could have a peek. He is back extreamly quick, so this could mean that the banker is not far away from the studio.

Sir Deal-a-lot will come back with the contestants box with a black seal (the Banker's seal.)

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a play on words - Sir Deal A Lot meaning dealing with the bankers offeres a lot, and also from Sir Lancelot - a very famous knight from King Arthurs Round Table.
  • He is probably one of the backstage crew dressed in knight costume.