The Banker UK
DOB May 12
Place of Birth unknown
What show are they from? Deal or No Deal UK
Who are they? Banker (Played by Glenn Hugill in an Unseen Manor)
When was their debut 31st October 2005
Interesting Fact Divorced 5 times, beheaded a wife once
Gender Male


The Banker is a quasi-fictional character from the UK version. He is a formidable character and is a well-learned figure. He is very wealthy and has tens of millions of pounds in his bank.



When he was just a boy, people bullied him for coming from a poor family. Ever since, he has been obsessed by money and had been his life's dream to make a lot of it. When he left school, he went to university.

Life as 'The Banker'Edit


He came to apply for the show filled with hope that he would gain more money, but most of the time it has been quite the contrary. He communicates to Noel through a Banklite phone. On the show, he has currently given away over £10,000,000.


  • The Banker has had 6 wives; 5 divorced, 1 beheaded.
  • He has formed bonds with certain players that have continuously pulled out reds. For example, he has bonded with Jean, aka The Grim Repear because she has pulled out £250,000 2x, £100,000 2x, £75,000 once, £50,000 2x and £35,000 3x.
  • The Banker has been generous on special dates. On anniversaries, he always offers the chance to win some champagne for the audience and £250 for the players if the 1p is found in the first round (when the 2nd anniversary got underway, he let them have a double chance by trying to knock out either the 2p or the 20p in the first 2 rounds).
  • He was born on May 12, but we don't know the year. However, he said he was a Dragon, which gives us an idea of some of the years he could have been born on.
  • He has been heard a few times by the viewers when Noel holds up the phone to his microphone and you can hear him laugh, sob or do an impression of Basil Brush.
  • He has only been seen once. This was on the Christmas special. While the players were singing Christmas carols, The Banker was watching on a small TV screen. He then turned it off and ate a mint out of a jar. He chucked to himself as the screen fades. This shows that he is an middle-aged, well-built man.
  • He has 1 child, who is a charity worker.

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