The Bankers Christmas Gamble, also called The Bankers Parlour Game, is a very rare gamble awarded by the Banker at the end of the game. Should the player be successful, the amount won would be doubled. The Christmas Gamble was seen only on a Christmas episode of Deal or No Deal UK dureing Franny's game. Having won £15,000, the Banker offered the Parlour game to double said amount to £30,000. Franny refused by saying "No Deal," because if he missed all three times, his money would be halved to £7,500. And therefore the Christmas Gamble has never, even been used.

Gameplay Edit

The Gamble consists of a large model of a house' roof with a chimney in it. The contestant would pick a snowball out of a chute and attempt to throw it into the chimney. It uses the same rules of Basketball. The player also has to stand away from the chimney. To stop cheating, a ruler is placed on the floor. The Contestant would stand at the end of the ruler.

Snowballs Edit

The Banker allowed the contestant to have three tries of throwing the ball into the chimney. It was then increased to four. Even then, the advantage was not dealt, because if the Contestant does not manage to throw in any of the four balls, the offer would be halved.

Structure Edit

The "Bankers Parlour game" as a structure is quite large. It can be questioned how the Banker came up with such a game and made it in such a short time. Theories include:

  • The Deal team had prepared it and asked the Banker to use it when a constestant won a reasonable amount of money.