The following is a list of models who have appeared on the US version of Deal or No Deal. While most of the models hold the same numbered case each week, a few of the models hold a different case number each game.

Seasons 1-4Edit

Case # Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Claudia Jordan
Stacey Gardner
Lisa Gleave
Lindsay Schoneweis
Keltie Martin
Ursula Mayes
Megan Abrigo
Sara Bronson
8 Pilar Lastra
Lauren Shiohama
Mariela Arteaga
Patricia Kara
Anya Monzikova
Katie Cleary
Jill Manas
Lauren Shiohama
Leyla Milani
14 April Scott
Pilar Lastra
15 Lanisha Cole
Brooke Long
16 Kimberly Estrada Kasie Head Krissy Carlson Lisa Lakatos
Jenelle Moreno
18 Aliké Boggan
Marisa Petroro
Mylinda Tov
Amanza Smith
20 Marisa Petroro
Aliké Boggan
Tameka Jacobs
22 Donna Feldman Laura Shields Lianna Grethel Crystal Monte
Aubrie Lemon
24 Nancy Stelle Meghan Markle
Kelly Brannigan
25 Sonia Vera
Hayley Marie Norman
Lindsay Clubine

Season 5Edit


Models of the 2018 Deal or No Deal revival

Case # Model
1 Soraya Yd
2 Taylor Clark
3 Katie Luddy
4 Brenda Lowe
5 Lani Baker
6 Megan Abrigo
7 Jordana DePaula
8 Neka Stephens
9 Patricia Kara
10 Vaeda Mann
11 Brittany McGowan
12 Sarati
13 Mahogany Lox
14 Olga Safari
15 Madi Teeuws
16 Jessica Lee
17 Ashley Jones
18 Elissa Ingrid
19 Natasha Ward
20 Amanza Smith
21 Malika Miller
22 Anchal Joseph
23 Anne Julia Hagen
24 Kizzi Barazetti
25 Summer Bellessa
26 Michelle De Leon


  • All 26 models wear identical dresses and shoes, though the style is changed for each episode.
  • Some episodes have featured male models or sometimes a family member or a contestant is dressed as one of the 26 models.
  • Although they do not open the cases, both Patricia Kara and Tameka Jacobs were models in the syndicated version of DOND from 2008 until 2010. Additionally, Patricia Kara is the only model to appear on the NBC, Syndicated and CNBC versions of DOND.
  • Fellow DOND models Claudia Jordan, Megan Abrigo, Leyla Milani, Patricia Kara and Lisa Gleave represented the show as they won The 2009 Game Show Awards (ironically hosted by Howie Mandel) for "Favorite TV Game Show Models".
  • A celebrity edition episode of Catch 21 in 2009 featured fellow models Marisa Petroro, Patricia Kara and Leyla Milani. Kara won the main round with $1,500 for her charity along with a $500 bonus for scoring the first 21 perfectly in the game along with winning an additional $1,000 in the bonus round for a grand total of $2,500.
  • Some of the models from DOND previously appeared as models on The Price is Right such as Claudia Jordan, Lanisha Cole, Mylinda Tov, Sonia Vera, Kristal Marshall, Enya Flack and Lisa Gleave.
  • Alison Fiori was a model on Let's Make a Deal with Wayne Brady from 2009 until 2010, she was later replaced by Tiffany Coyne since 2010.


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